The real world

"You shouldn't be here, Damien get out."

"What and leave Crystal here with you. Ha, you have got to be joking me."

"You may be a head boy, but that means nothing to me. You shouldn't even be here in the girl's dorm."

"Shut up Sebastian. Just cause you're the schools guard"-

"Damien do as you are told. I have orders to be here. You however don't. He wants to see you anyway. Now."

Once Damien had reluctantly left Crystal in the hands of Sebastian, Sebastian locked her door making sure no-one could get in and disturb him. Sebastian went over to her and sat next to her. He noticed that her wound had being healed, but noticed that the pentagram had scared her. He smiled tracing the outline. Then a black raven threw into the room, the raven changed into Corvina. "Raven by name, raven by nature. Huh?" Corvina blankly ignored him and went to Crystal kitchen. The sound of glass was smashed and the sound of blood poring away. "What was that for"?

"I want to see how the black blood child goes without blood. Maybe it will teach her a lesson." She turned her back to them facing the open window. "No blood. She doesn't leave this room. When she wakes, don't let anyone see her. One day, then leave her.." And with that said Corvina turned back into a raven and she left.

Blackness nightmare

I was looking though a child eyes. I knew this because I couldn't reach the door very well. I could hear someone screaming behind the door, and then it opened. White feathers were shattered around the room and there in the middle of the room was a fallen angle. His very light blonde hair almost white covered the fallen angle head that was barely moving. His eyes were closed his face looked bloody. All of his body did except his neck. A figure came into view, they had their back to me but I could still see what they were doing. I couldn't make the figure out it had to be a person.

Or a vampire. Vampire because they were licking the fallen angle wounds. The body shock and they opened they eyes. Pain, lost and hurt crossed those warm green eyes. Something else too, then the figure placed one hand on the fallen angle face. And then I saw the fangs creep out, sharp and pointy deadly. I heard the skin break under the vampire fangs, it made my skin crawl. Tears escaped my eyes. My vision burled and the scene changed.  

I was not longer a child standing in the doorway crying for the fallen angle. I was looking in a mirror near the door way. Blood cover my mouth, throat, hands. I looked down at what I was crouched over. Black wings were sainted with blood, black hair ruffled and clinging to the sweat on the pale skin forehead. The fallen angle blinked once reviling very pale crystal blue eyes.

"Damien." I gasped trying to move, but it was hard. His hand touched my face, I grabbed the hand. Burning flowed around my body making me want to bite him.

"Crystal you're stronger then this. Your necklace, remember who you really are." Damien whispered out of his blood stained mouth. Then he was gone. I stood up looking for him. What necklace? Suddenly, I was holding a golden long thin chain necklace. The pendant was sapphire gem haert shape stone and had tiny diamonds surrounding it.

"Crystal, my sweet beautiful Crystal. My daughter..."

Waking up

"Mother, mum can you hear me? Mum, mum. Where are you? Mum!" I woke up screaming and shouting trying desperately to get an answer. The pain came. I was gasping trying to work my head out. Then I remembered everything. I rushed to my bathroom (well painfully hobbled) my mirror was already waiting for me. I couldn't breath, couldn't do anything but stare. The new symbol on my lower back was a pentagram.

I gasped at the new scar on my back, then seeing my bruises on my arms from where Sebastian hands where. I went straight in my shower, the water sunken my back as it washed away the blood. When I had finished in the bathroom I changed grabbing my black clothes. That's how I was feeling. I wanted to hide away from the world.

Trying to open my door confirmed that I wasn't going anywhere and neither was anyone else. I pulled my black hoddie up, coving my face.  I felt thirsty so I went into my mini kitchen and stopped puzzled. I had blood in here? Only the other day? What happened? I caught the scent over by the sink, glass filled the sink. Corvina it had to be. Bitch. So instead I went over my door pulled a chair up against it. I sighed and fell to the fall, cursing when I rubbed my back against the wall. I curled up, staring at nothing. My mind else where, lost in thought.

"Crystal." Midnight called. Hasn't she already done this? I stayed quite hoping for her to go and leave me. "Speck to me, Crystal."

"Please Midnight go, I don't want to see anyone."

 "Crystal it's me Damien. It's ok Crystal?" Damien called though my closed door. I didn't answer him; I couldn't not after that dream. Blocking my thoughts from them both I closed my eyes. Trying not to think. I heard them leave. I hated this. I was hurting them. Tears started to fall from my eyes with out warning. It was a long thirsty day.     


The End

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