I was sitting in the hall with my head in my hands how did this all happened, I knew the law and didnt care I liked her and she means a lot with me I wanted her too feed off me. Even though it hurt. I tried knocking down the door but it wouldnt budge. So I thought I would wait out here, I was growing more paronoid I needed to see her what was going on?

I was a everage with women in a tight black dress that slit up her left leg showing off her white skin her long black hair bounced as she walked I knew who it was Corniva. She smiled shen she saw me "Damien my darling how are you?" She coed at me and I growelld at her and she gigled "Well I can your upset I guess you have missed me?" I made a gagging sound.

she stroked my chest and looked up at me, I grabbed her wrist and pinned her to the wall"You know full well I do not you disgust me your pure evil" I hear her cackle at me, I could feel my anger growing "Damien, Damien you are a Fallen angel now, not a pure angel you are evil too know so stop the whoe facade and accept the fact" I stumbeled back off her and smothed her dress.

She walked over to the door and opened it with ease and looked over her shoulder "Because Damien you are not as Pathetic creature you called your parents" I lunged my self at the door but she closed it.

I decided to go for a walk I went to the boys dorm and the head of the dorm had left so the largest room was free, Well thats what I thought I heard voices and decided to check it out I opened the door and as soon as I did I wished I didnt.

I tall boy was lounging on a chair his moppy style black hair was getting in his eyes, he had strong features, high cheeck bones full lips and smouldering brown eyes. Everything you though a pure blood Vampire would be.

He looked of at me and smiled "Damien Nice to see you but you could knock" He said in a serious of like he always did. He never knew how to have a laugh inless he was making the joke.

I nodded "Benjeman pleasures all mine may I ask what you are doing here" I said inn a monotone. He chuckled under his breathe. " Ah yes I got kicked out of Auran and I do miss my Midnight" he smiled when he said her name and my anger grew and I tried to swallow it.

"She is not yours you may be in charge of Vampire youg boy but it doesnt me you own her" I said codly. and I heard his thoughts "But soon, soon she will be" I stomed out of  his room and headed back to the basement. the door was open and looked inside no-one there but I saw blood.

My heart stopped What had happened I ran to Crystals room and swung open the door she was in her head so I closed the door gently she was lying on her front. and I could see blood soaking into her shirt I lifted it off her back and what I was I knew Carvia had did it.

It was a Pentagram, it made my blood boil knowing she had touched My Crystal she was mine now I put my hands onto it and I heard her whimper It was deep and she had lost a lot of blood I closed my eyes and began to heal the wound. It healed but left a scare. I went in to her Kitchen area and made sure she had enough blood when she woke up. I lay beside her and she automaticly curled her self in to me.

I kissed her forhead "I will alway be here you Crystal no matter what I am your for ever" I whispered into her ear knowing I meant ecery word

The End

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