I was still struggling under Sebastian, but his arms clapped together making it impossible to escape.

"Clam down Crystal." Sebastian told me as we went down the corridor.

"I didn't mean to do it. Let GO off me!" I shrieked. Still holding me tightly with my arms behind my back he said "Relax Crystal." His eyes locked with my own making me instantly stop struggling under his firm grip. "Good girl". Then he carried on dragging me to the basement. I could faintly hear him say under his breath. "Just like her mother."

What ever he did to me was wearing off when we started to go down the basement stairs. But I wanted to pretend that I was still under his ‘spell', so I would wait for the right moment to strike. There were boxes ever where in the dark basement. I had no idea what was going to happen but it couldn't be a good thing. Midnight father was suddenly pacing near me muttering. My sensitive ears were picking words up like, ‘where is she? It's about time Storm'-

I stopped listening hearing the sound of someone light tapping coming down on the basement stairs. The sound came into view along with an evil scent that flowed around the room. It was a woman. Not only that, but a witch. A witch with dark powers.

Like before I wanted to scream but I couldn't even build up enough air to do that. The witch was wearing a long black dress that hid most of her slim pale white body. Her hair was black as a raven's feather long and flowing over her bare arms. Her face was smooth and undamaged it also looked as hard as stone.

"Greetings Corvina." Midnight father greeted the witch, taking his hand out of his pocket and offering it to her. She took it and replied to him in a cold voice.

"Greeting to you dear Edward it has being too long."

"It has, your family keeping well?" She asked letting go of his hand.

"Midnights powers are growing, but that's under control. But that is not the reason of why I have called on you." Midnight father told her, turning to look at me for the first time in coming down to the basement.

"Ahh, the black blood child." She flicked her grey eyes on me. I leant back forgetting Sebastian behind me. A quite chuckle seemed to come up his throat. Black blood child? So that was what they called it. I shuttled trying to look away from her.

"Yes it is." Midnight father told her or rather Edward. "So what has she done that was soo urgent for my call?"

"Drank from a fallen angle." Edward informed her. Pointing at me.

"The black blood child? Interesting. Would that be from Damien then?" She questioned still looking at me.

  "Indeed. You know the rules Corvina, no students should exchange blood." Edward replied. "As the laws about feeding fallen angles, their blood is valuable and forbidden to me drank from. As you very well know Miss Storm". His voice rose as he said my name.

"Is this right? You black blood child? You feed from a fallen angle?" Corvina asked me. Ok so I hated what they were calling me. I never even heard of it but I had a pretty good idea what they were on about. The fact that I was a half blood vampire. Hate filled my body.

"My name is CRYSTAL!" I splat at her trying to lung forward but being tightly back. "Crystal Storm."

"So, you do speck." Corvina clapped her bony hands together amused by my sudden out burst. I glared at her with midnight blue eyes.

"It was an accident; I never meant to do it. It, it just happened." I tried to explain to them. "I didn't want to, like the other time." Only then did I realise the mistake. They looked shocked at my ‘slip of the tongue'. A dark laugh came out of Edwards lips. It sent shivers down my spine. The witch just smiled an evil grin.

"What was that you just said?" Edward casually asked.

"N.Nothing. Sir. I didn't.-

"Don't lie to me Storm. What did you say, the other time? You fed from him before." He snapped getting up close in my face.

"Well, I. I. Damien he. He." I stuttered unable to really speck.

"Out with it, girl." Corvina ordered stepping closer.

"He made me fed from him." I whispered looking down at my high heeled shoes. Wanting to go and hide under my covers.

"Did he now why would that be?" Edward asked. I didn't answer; I didn't really want them to know of my power of seeing things. A small joked played in my mind. Why didn't I see this coming? A very small smile played on my lips. I didn't see it coming, only felt it moments later.

"This is no laughing matter. Corvina I think you know what we have to do." Edward said stepping away from me looking at Corvina, rubbing his hand that had just hit me with in his jacket.

"She may be only a child, but she has be taught a lesson." Edward said.

"What. What do you mean?" I asked worrying now, I hand never heard of the punishment for feed from a fallen angle. Corvina took out a small dark purple bottle from her dress. She handed it to Edward then took out a small slender object from her dress. Edward nodded to Sebastian who in return nodded back.

Next thing I know I was lying in my front, Sebastian was holding me down and he lifted my white shirt up reviling my bare back. I turned my head to see Corvina approaching me with the bottle open in her hand.

"What you going to do?" My voice hard and growled at her though close griped teeth.

"Get the blood out of you. But first you will drink this." Corvina told me coming closer and closer.

"No. I won't do it!" I shouted trying to move away from her. But that only made Sebastian grip tighter.

"Stop!" A totally different voice shouted. I looked round to see a fox flying though the air. The fox or more like a fire fox demon with eight tails. Mazany. What was he doing here? Edward and Corvina turned to face the flying fire fox demon, which was heading straight for the purple bottle in Corvina hand. Mazany knocked the bottle right out of her hand, the bottle landed on the floor and the glass broke in to tiny pieces.

Mazany landed gracefully on the floor in front on me. He growled at the witch showing his teeth.

"You do have some talented students here, Edward." Corvina observed as if the poison didn't really matter to her. Whatever it was, it had no smell to it.

"What on earth do you think you are doing here?" Edward snapped at Mazany. Sebastian was still holding me down, but was as shocked as I was at the scene before us. Mazany still in his ‘fox mode' braced his body to spring at any moment. What was he doing here?

"Boy turn to your real form, or I shall do it for you". The witch sweet talked him stepping towards Mazany. Mazany just growled at her in response clearly not going down with out a fight. "Very well, you had the chance. It could have been a lot easier." The witch lifted her hand. Something blue lit her hand and then she through it at Mazany making him yep.

It was water. She knew his weakness and used it to her advantage. I focused my eyes on her, snarling and hissing in anger. She smiled at me, turned to see that Mazany was in the air, water wiling around him.

"Stop it, your hurting him. You witch. Stop please. He doesn't deserve this. Please." I begged her.

"Admit what you have done, and then maybe your friend here could still be here tomorrow." She simply said to me. I looked at Mazany again seeing his poor body.

"I drank from Damien. The fallen angle blood." I whispered, then raising my voice at her. "There happy now. Just stop please."

The witch clicked her bony fingers and Mazany fell in to the fall in human form. He managed to sit up and lean against the wall.

"You still got the fallen angle blood in you, Crystal." She came over to me, bending down next to me. "And it still coming out of your system."

She drew out a small dagger that was in her dress before. Mazany saw what she had in her hand and went to grab it. Only to be stopped by Midnight father.

"Stay out of this boy." Midnight father warned him.

"But sir"-

"Shh. Sebastian hold her tightly, she'll probably try to move." The witch instructed him. As if his grip wasn't tight enough already? He proved me wrong, pain shot around my body. I snarled trying to move away. Her bony white hand was place on my bare back.

"Get your hands off her." Mazany shouted trying to kick free. Mazany suddenly kick hard and hit the witch's hand sending the dagger across the room. Sebastian went to grab it, but Mazany got their first. Sebastian locked eyes with Mazany, Sebastian whispered something to him making Mazany body shake. Then Mazany handed the dagger over to the witch.

I gasped as the blade touch my back feeling the pain around my body. I didn't scream out loud or even struggle. I wanted to be strong, but it was hard. She seemed to be scratching some sort of a symbol into my lower back.I could feel my blood pour from my back, on to the basement floor. When the witch had finally finished she walked away and muttered to Midnight father. I just glared at her though unfocused eyes.

"Sebastian, take her to her room make sure no-one see her. She needs time to think about her actions. Go now." The witch ordered him. I didn't resisted him picking me up I was just too weak. Mazany was nowhere to be seen as Sebastian carried me to my room. Blackness over took my sight and I fell into a deep sleep. Not a sweet dream, but a nightmare.    

The End

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