My eyes fluttered open and I was in an unfamiliar room. I sat up groggily and absorbed my surroundings. I must be in my room. I wondered how I'd gotten here. I recalled Midnight introducing the teacher (what was his name? Mr. St James?) and I could vaguely remember there had been another girl. Midnight had begun to lose control of her (immense) powers. The teacher had collapsed then my world went black. Obviously I had fainted from Midnight's powers (trust me I know what fainting from magical causes felt like; I'd done it enough).

Someone had kindly put my things into my room. I got to my feet and staggered to the bathroom. I washed, hid my wings and put on some clean clothes before examining them. It was the average school stuff. Although I'd originally intended to come so I could stay with Maz, I found myself getting excited at the prospect of education. Despite a little grumbling to Maz about it, I loved to learn but my 'lessons' were always how to survive under life threatening situations. You could say my 'education' hadn't been traditional. Maz's education so far had been non-traditional too.

Yes, I was very eager for a normal school. I was shy but I found other creatures fascinating since my kind didn't interact with others much. I wanted to learn 'normal' things and I wanted friends.

Thinking of having friends... I know that I'd have to share Maz with her but I had liked Midnight a lot more than I thought I would've. I sighed, I sort of hoped that I wouldn't because Maz had taken such a liking to her. Midnight was such a good, helpful person, though, I couldn't not like her. I hoped I could get over my jealousy for Midnight and love for Mazany before I made them both miserable and got in the way.

Tears welled up in my eyes at the thought of giving up a chance with Maz. I'd rather be friends with Midnight and stay friends Maz than ruining a chance at a new friendship and destroying an old, though. It was also stupid of me to cling to that love. I'd held it for years and never acted upon it; why do it now?

I wiped away my silly tears and decided to go find Midnight to see if she was alright (I know how horrible it is when powers get out of control). Then I'd catch up with Maz checking everything was fine there, then perhaps I'd seek out Crystal and build that friendship.

Yep, this school would be great and I wouldn't ruin that. I'd make more friends and stay out of trouble and learn all I can.

With that plan in mind and a smile upon my face, I left my room to find my friends.

The End

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