We were all in Mr St James's house I sat sat on the couched cross leged as every one was talking. I told them I was ok with them being togethor, I was ok but it still hurt me seeing them so happy. But as a pureblood Im hated not many of our kind left as if any vreature drank my blood, it was like poisen you would turn into one of us a monster.

"Well now I have buissnes to attend to so have a nice evening all, and I would like it if Midnight stays with you two for now as I would like her too pratised magic with two responsable people" My farther said looking at both of them knowing they would do as he say. My heart sank I didnt want to stay here I didnt belong here, they were in love and I was like a third wheel. The one that no-one needs. We said our good byes to him and he lfet the room.

They both sat on the Sofa facing the one I was on, holding each others hand I shrunk into my self and stared down at my hands. Time ticked by in a uncomforable silence until Mr St james james coughed which made me jump and look at him. "Well seen as though your going to be here for a while Midnight" He paused and looked down and Azlena she looked dissapointed and that annoyed me but I took deep breathes to calm my-self down. "I will warm you some blood up" I saw Azlena shudder at it a little but still enough for me to see her disgust.

He went out of the room leaving us in silence I closed my eyes and hummed I saw my powers a big liquid like ball and I went to it and like I tapped into it before I did it again channeling the energy but all of it. Evan with my attacks it was never all my power. It suddenly dauned on me what did Azlean think of me so slowly I looked inside her thoughts.

I saw me threw her eyes. A small girl with long wavy Dark blue hair to her waist. She looked so fragile, like a doll that needed to be protected. Protected ? I was one of the most dangarous people she has ever met and she thought I needed protected.

I ran accroos the room jumped onto the sofa by acidant knocked it back and pinned her to the floor she gasped in surprise. y eyes were glowing red and I knew my fangs would be out. I looked down at her and hissed "Why do you think I am so pitiful? do I look like a doll to you that needs protecting" she gasped when I spoke her thoughts and looked at me confused and tried to wriggle even if I was thirst I was still stronger than her. I leant and and grazed her neck with my fangs and she shuddered "Why cant you see Im a monster St Orlando is a vampire and guessed who turned him My farther and if I wanted I could turn you right now my kind kill" I knew tears were dripping.

"Midnight you not a monster, your sweet I thought you looked like a doll as... as your so lonely and you try to hide it but its always in your eyes and I just feel like you need to be protected" she said in a rush and trialled off.

I elt go of her and stood up and helped her up I went to walk away but her arms caught me in a hug and I just stood there surprised and didnt move "Its ok Midnight Ill be here for you ok I know no-one was there for you when you were growing up to help you understand what was happening but Ill try my best "

I tightened my arms round her and cried and she just stood there and stoked my hair. no-one had done this since I was a child since my mum died. After all that happened I could feel my thirst growing and I didnt know what to do, I could smell her blood so sweet bumping round her body so alluring just to stick my fangs in and drink from the tap. I shook my head and pulled away from her and fell over she leant down to help me and grabbed her wrist and broaght it near my mouth she gasped "Orlando I think you should hurry up with that blood" He was by my side and I hissed at him.

"Midnight come let go of her wrist you know you promised you would never drink from a living thing rember?" I hissed at him and he sighed "Ok this is a low blow but Midnight liesten to me.. What would your mother say?" I automaticly let go of her wrist. But kept staring at her neck I could see where to bite and I felt like I was leaning toawrds her but I felt Orlandos arms slip around me and he carried me into the Kitchen. He put me on the side and handed me a bottle it was warm, I prefered it warmed it tasted better I gulped it down not caring it ran down my throat.

I looked at Orlando when he sighed he was leaing across on the wall looking at me and Azlena walked in she sighed when looking at me too. She piked pu a cloth and walked towards me "and you say your a monster Midnight when you cant even drink without spilling it" I blushed and they both laughed. I felt her wipe the blood from around my neck and I shuddered it was cold but it was what my mum used to do.

"Midnight I have some news, Benjamen is coming to the school he got kicked out of Ouran High now he is being transfered here" he said full of digust I froze and Just stared at him.

"But he cant surely farther know I dont like him" I said trying to convince my-self farther wouldnt do this to me. "Midnight it was your farthers Idea hes coming here" But that arragent uughhh all he has ever does is ennoy me.

I nodded "I understand, do you mind I need to go and speek to my farther, erm can you help me down" Azlena giggle and put her arms round my waist and set me down on the floor. I hugged her and kissed her on her neck she blushed " Opps Vampire tradition its what we do to to show trust and well I thought it was the right seen as though neck most vunreable part to a vampire and all" she nodded and looked at Orlando and he nodded and smiled. I skipped over to Orlando and hugged him. "Orlando Im sorry for how I have acted lately I understand your feelings were not what I thought, I felt how Azlena has felt and I know my feelings are not the same is it ok if I call you uncle again" his face lit up then and hugged me and lifted me up.

"Of course it is Midnight Im glad you inderstand your like my niece I never had" I kissed his neck "Thank you uncle Im going seeing farther now" I skipped out of the room I had never felt happier since my mother had died. Lets hope Benjimean doesnt cause a problem.

The End

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