I didn't know where to find Zuri. I didn't know where to find Midnight and I had a feeling that something had happened while I'd been trying to decide weather or not to eat the gray lump of food in front of me... then it moved. Well that made that decision and so I was walking around feeling slightly queasy from my close encounter with school meals, note to self: make own food.

I caught sight of Crystal being pushed into the basement, she didn't look happy and I narrowed my eyes slightly. I heard two people talking... arguing would be a better word. I crept forward towards the basement doorway, I pulled my space bending powers around me so that no one would see me. I sensed the person who could control time nearby, but I didn't have time to find out who it was. In stead I looked into the basement's doorway. I couldn't see anything, I took a step inside and walked down the stair case. I heard someone close the door that I had just gone through and my heart lurched. I ran down the rest of the step, taking two at a time, until I came to the bottom where I only just managed to get out of the way before Midnight's father bumped into me. Midnight's father? OK so now I was getting more suspicious.

I hid behind some boxes and looked up to see Crystal with her hands behind her back being held by another Vampire. Midnight's father paced up and down, he was muttering to himself and I was wondering what had happened. Also I was wondering how exactly I would get out of here without someone seeing me, but then again I did kind of owe Crystal for the Were wolf thing, I sighed quietly and decided I would step in if something bad was about to happen.

The End

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