Midnight and Alzena attempting to be friends was quite a fascinating sight to behold. They sat awkwardly together, waiting for Midnight's father, occasionally catching each others eyes and smiling.

When Midnight's father appeared Midnight leapt up and hugged him.

"What am I going to do?"

"You and I will have to work on your strength and ability, and in time you will overcome your power and be able to control it. That's all i can do. The rest is down to your own will."

"I will try father."

"I know." He kissed her forehead then turned to Orlando and I.

"You two will have to help. Midnight needs constant supervision. If the slightest thing upsets her she will go over. So that means no more seeing each other until this is sorted." He glared sternly at Orlando.

"Father, it's alright. I see now that they do love each other. I have no problem."

Alzena and I stared at Midnight.

"Thank you Midnight" stuttered Alzena. Midnight smiled bravely.

"Thank you." I said. "It means a lot."

She nodded at me, then turned to her father again.

"Very well" he said. "But only because I think you would continue without my permission anyway. And you two do really fit together." I felt Alzena's hand slip in to mine and smiled at her. They were practically marrying us. But I wouldn't mind seeing Alzena in a wedding dress, as long as the groom was me. I squeezed her hand.

The End

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