I heard a comotion in the hall and came out of the bedroom where I had been preparing for what I knew was coming with Orlando. There was no way I was going to let anything stand in the way this time.

 I came out, and the first thing I saw was Midnight in the middle of the floor. Then i noticed Orlando out cold by the wall. There was another girl nearby in a similar state.

"What have you done!!!???" I screamed at Midnight, running over to Orlando and shaking him. "Orlando, please, please wake up!!" I got no reaction, but I heard Midnight whispering behind me.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. Alzena, help me!"

"Help you! I ought to kill you. You're too much of a danger!"


"Well do what Orlando told you. Look at your power, make it smaller!"

"I couldn't do it!"

"Try harder!"

She concentrated, and after a minute she relaxed. "I did it!"

"Good. Now just sit there ok!" She stood up, going over to Zurri and opening her mouth, giving her some of her blood. "Fine, yeah, save your friend."

I turned back to Orlando and opened his mouth, cutting myself on him and holding his mouth to the wound. Sharply he grabbed me, and I felt the blood begin to flow quickly between us again. I felt myself weakening, but he was still going. I slumped to the side, watching him through blurry eyes as he fought his instinct. Then Midnight came from no where and removed him from me. I felt my fairy powers healing me as soon as he let go.

"Alzena, I'm so sorry!"

"No problem greedy." I grinned and he helped me up, taking me in his arms and holding me. Midnight coughed. I turned to look at her.

"Friends?" she asked tentitively, holding out her hand.

""Friends" I agreed. "Now can we please get this girl stabalised before she tries to kill you again Orlando?"

"Yes. I think it's about time."

The End

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