After I out stayed her welomce with Midnight and Zuuri he dragged him self in to the old abandaned music room and hid in the corner and droused off into a unhappy sleep.


Damien beaked threw the door after he heard creaming what he saw would haunt him for the rest of his life, His mother was lying on the floor squirming underneath a a broad mane that her pinned to the floor. The mans eyes gleamed red and had to fangs sticking out of his mouth Damie knew what he was vampire. The thoughts were horrific how this man had strong lust for his mothers blood. But he has too scared to look away.

The vampire leaned down and licked her neck and his mother gasped. undee his touch then he sinked his into her soft neck. I scream ascaped her lips before them man clamped his hand over her mouth. Damien sat on the floor rokcing backwords and forwards crying hoping it was all a dream.

When the vampire left the house he ran out and was shaking his mother she was paler than before "Mummy wake up mummy" Damien cried desperatly. He lay next his mum hoping she was just asleep though deep down he knew she was dead.


I woke feeling groggy, I hadnt dreamed about Mothers death on a long time and I wished I hadnt. I came to realise a piano was playing I stood up remaining the shadows and saw Crystal playing the piano. She looked lost in the music I closed my eyes to feel every emotion that was coming threw music. Hurt, conjusion and lost. I enetered her mind, she was still grieving over the loss of her mother. She was also thinking of me that I was messing with her emotions what I was stringing her along. I wasnt and I didnt understand it either.

I froze time walked over to her easily picked her up and pinned to the floor holding her hands bover her head. I started time again and she looked shocked, realised and annoyed all at the same time.

"Just hear me out please we need to talk" I pleaded to her and shejust hissed and nodded "Im sorry if I seem to be leading you along but Im confused my-self about this situation, but I know for some strange reason I drawn to you" I sighed "More than I would like to admit but for one thing I know what its like to loose you family to blood thirsty vampires... I watched my mum die and it killed me inside to" I looked down at her.

She looked so alluring he hair was fanned out he eyes glistened and her lips slighty parted. "Damien I didnt know Im sorry but these feelings I mean I love someone else I just dont know what you want me to-" I cut her off as I leaned down and kissed her on her lips. He lips tasted sweet and were smooth at first she was shocked and yet she responded to my touch, our lips moved in time as if everything was meant to be. I let go of her arms and placed my hands on her hid drawing her closer, as she slid her arms around my neck.

As I pulled away from her slightly I looked down at her flushed cheek and I smiled at her not my normal smirk of the forced smile it was a true smile "You know you look even cuter when you blush my dear" I said and she blushed even more. I guess we both had just admitted our feelings to eachother.

she returned a smile to me "you know Damien actions speak louder than words" I leant down kissed her head "Yes I know thats why I think they more easier to understand" I whispered into her ear I guess I was falling for her, Crystal of all people and including that a vampire the race I thought I would always hate.

The End

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