"Oh his Name is Damien, ignore his attitude I mean he can be arrogent and he can... well he can be violent" I looked down at my that had been broken by him many times before "But he is a nice guy" I smiled rembering some of the times we shared, the food fights, hide and seek thought he always won.

You two seem close" she said looking up at me with curiosity I sighed "I guess we are he doesnt let people close not since his parents were killed by vampire for their blood" I heard her gasp.

you see Damiens a fallen angel he wasnt born like that he was an angelic angel, I was freands with him before he changed he was always happy singing and playing the piano, when he watched his parents die, he changed his wings turned

black, so did his hair, eyes turned a icy blue and he grew more silent and kept more people out" I said my voice lowering by the secand."Oh Im sorry I didnt know well I knew Angels blood is a magical thing I

thought they would have died out by now any way what night creature are you Im guessing your a night creature by the cresant in you hair" I giggled this girl was very observent "Yes yes I am Im a Pure blood vampire" I said very proudly knowing there was very jew of our kind left."Now Im going to take you one of our teachers he is nice" I smiled to her but

in side it was killing me knowing I would have to talk to him, she nodded and

must have saw it was upsetting me inside. We walked down the corridor talking more and knocked on his door, I hear whispering inside and people walking. I finnaly came to the the door, his tie was missing and so was his blazer and his shirt was half open I heard Zurri gasp

and looked away from him. I just stared at him in shock."Erm hi Mr St James, thi.. this is Zurri she...es new here" I kept stturting

over my words and stepped further away from him. He smiled at Zurri "pleasure to meet you Zurri I would love to stay and chat but Im... Busy at the moment" I clossed m eyes and searched his room and felt a young girls present in the room. I gasped stepping back but falling over my shoes and fell back.

"Midnight !" he called and went to help me up. Why why is this happeing I didnt understand my power was growing stronger and stronger and I felt the guard he placed on was growing to break I could feel my powers seeping out.

I flinched away from his touch but he ignored me and lifted me up "NO!" I screamed and with that I sent him and Moesha flying away I sat on the floor panting "No there growing stronger I cant cope I cant-" I started to sob I could feel them growing, and I couldnt controll them I was scared and I didnt know what to do. I looked over at Mr St James he was passes out and so was Zurri. I paniked more there so no-one to help me.. but Azlena.


The End

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