After lessons, I made my way to the canteen. I looked round for someone I recognised, and I spotted Midnight, the prefect, sat on a table with Crystal. I headed over and asked to sit with them. 

Luckily they said it was okay. 

"Guess it must be hard for you, being on land or something. Sorry. Erm." Crystal said. I just shrugged. Of course it was hard, but I'd met some nice people. I was slowly coming to like this place. 

2It's strange yeah, but I just have to get on with it I guess. Oh erm nice hair. How did you do it?" I asked her. I was sure it was different from the first time I saw it. I then noticed the marks on her wrists, and realised she was a made vampire.

"Don't ask." She said, looking at her food. Then she changed her mind and said, "I haven't got a clue why my hair grown. The only explanation that I've come up is that, it's my 16th birthday today, so I don't know. Just erm so Yer." she started playing with her hair.

"That is strange, because you're a made vampire too." I said. As soon as it was out, I wish hadn't said it. I knew it was a sensitive subject. Why did I say that? I acted normally, hoping she wasn't offended by my bluntness. 

"Moesha, what are you talking about?" Midnight questioned me, and I began to panic. I didn't want to loose my friends just after I had made them.

"Her scars on both of her wrists." I said to them. She glanced to her arms, and I told her, "I'm sorry to offend you. But I've seen scars like that before that's all so I just assumed that you was. I'm so sorry Crystal."

"It's ok, Moesha don't worry about it. It's true. Just promise me one thing?"She said. I nodded.

"Erm sure."

"Just, keep it to yourself ok? I don't want anyone really knowing." I nodded my head quickly.

"I won't Crystal, promise." SI touched her hand, to show I meant it. Just as I did, Alzena walked past, and I smiled. She didn't stay, and I got the impression that there was tension between Alzena and Midnight and Crystal. Then a boy came over - the fallen angel.

 "I think we need to talk". He said to crystal, handing her a letter. She threw a look at him and took it. 

"You got that right, prefect boy." she snapped, and then turned to us. "I'll see you guys later."

Soon after that, Midnight left telling me not to tell anyone. I was left to think about the vampire bite. The last time I had seen that, it had been on a friend who I hadn't seen since. 

For a while, I was on the coast of England, Cornwall, and I became friends there with  young girl. We met every Saturday, till one Saturday she same, and she had changed. Her skin was paler, and she looked upset. There were the same bite marks on her wrist. She had told me we couldn't meet any more, and I hadn't seen her since. 

"Hey, day dreamer." 

I looked up to see Jasper sit down opposite me. He grinned, and I couldn't help grin back.

"What do you want?" I asked him, realising after it that it sounded rude. He didn't take it like that though.

"A chat. How are you?" Before I could answer him, a werewolf walked past us growling. He clearly looked angry. 

"Sorry Mo, I know him, and I know he can be stupid when he's angry. I best make sure he doesn't do out dumb. See you around, okay?" I nodded and said good bye. 

I watched as the elf ran of, shouting Jason. Wow, he was cute.


The End

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