When crystal left with Damien I knew something bad would hapened so I followed them asking Moesha not to mention it to anyone. I saw Crystal fling him to the floor and they were whispering I only caught part of what they were saying.

When she left Damien sat up and put his head in his hands and whenever he was sad his wings would make a soft cacoon around him as if it was his bodys reflect to try and protect him. I walked over to him. and stroked his wings. and they opened he looked up at me, his normal compoused face had dissapeared and what was left was a boy who looked lost and confused.

"Oh Damien" I said as I wrapped my arms around him, he didnt move at first then he held me back bringing me down to sit on his knee. We sat like this for some time. the he whispered into my ear "Im not a bad person am I? I dont mean to be Middy and you know that but no-one knows me for who I am do they but you" His vioce was full of pain and anguish I gasped in shock I pulled away and for a secand I thought I saw a white feather on his wings before it changed back to black, but I just dissmissed is it.

"Erm are you midnight?" I timids vioce came from behind us I looked up at him to see his stern face back on. I wose up facing her she was smaller than me, cheasnut brown hair and golden eyes. "Yes I am may I help you" I said sweetly.

"Im Zuri Im new here I got told to come to you" She said in a rush.

The End

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