I quite liked this vampire. Crystal was what Maz had called her. I liked her because she'd intervened with the werewolves and stopped them from bugging Maz. Me and Maz a bad history with werewolves. I wouldn't be surprised if they'd heard of us. When we were just little kids we'd faced a pack of wolves and won. It had been close.

"Don't mention it," Crystal was saying, "She new here?"

"Long story," Maz replied and I laughed.

"The short version is we've known each other since he was four and I was five. We've had many adventures together," I explained, "We never go anywhere without the other and now Maz has come here I've decided to follow. If you want the long version you'll have to talk to Maz 'cause I best go now. Hey, can you tell me who I should talk to if I'm new?" I was babbling. Maz and I had always found it difficult to make friends and now he'd made a lot of friends in a matter of days. I felt a twinge of jealousy. Maz was my only friend.

"Sure," Crystal said, "You have to see one of the prefects. I'd recommend talking to Midnight, she's the one with the long, dark blue hair."

"Okay, thanks," I chirped. I skipped off. From Crystal's description then Midnight must have been the one Maz had been comforting. As I searched for her, realisation hit me. Maz had explained to me once the connection between a Kistune and anyone who saved his life. A Kistune would become their Guardian. I knew him so well which meant I was only shocked I hadn't worked out the obvious sooner. Maz was this Midnight's Guardian.

Well, this meeting between Midnight and I was going to be awkward.

The End

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