"Hey do you mind if I sit with you"? Moesha asked me looking down at me and Midnight.

"No go a-head. How are classes going?" Midnight asked her, gesturing her to sit down.

"Not too bad really missing my old school." She looked sad as placed her books on the table.

"Guess it must be hard for you, being on land or something. Sorry. Erm." I stuttered to a stop. Not really knowing how to do this sort of thing, being with other people.

She looked at me meeting my gaze. "It's strange ye but, just have to get on with it I guess. O'erm nice hair. How did it?"

"Don't ask." I shrugged it off she dropped her gaze off me wishing she never said anything. What the heck? She seemed like a out cast being the only mermaid in school got to be tuff on her. Believe me I should know something about that.

"I haven't got a clue why my hair grown. The only expiration that I've come up is that." I took a deep breath looking at Midnight she smiled in encouragement. "It's my 16th birthday today, so I don't know. Just erm so Yer." Finishing badly I played with my new hair, it felt nice slick and soft.

"That is strange, because you're a made vampire too." She said casually. Both me and Midnight looked at each other. How the hell?

"Moesha, what are you talking about?" Midnight questioned looking as puzzled as me.

"Her scars on both of her wrists." She said a little worried. That's when I noticed that I had my blazer off showing my short sleeve shirt. Including my exposing wrists. I couldn't speck, I couldn't believe she made the leap that fast.

"I'm sorry to offend you. But I've seen scars like that before that's all so I just assumed that you was. I'm so sorry Crystal." She babbled.

"It's ok, Moesha don't worry about it. It's true. Just promise me one thing?" I asked making eye contact with her.

"Erm sure."

"Just, keep it to yourself ok? I don't want anyone really knowing." I answered her.

"I won't Crystal, promise." She touched my hand promising me.

Alzena walked passed then loaded down with books.

"Hey Alzena." Midnight called to her. Alzena looked round to find the voice and spotted Midnight smiling at her.

"Hi Midnight." She replied a little smile forming on her face.

"Do you want to join us"? My voice suddenly said before I could stop it. Her face change then when she seen me looking at her.

"Erm, I'm kinder in a rush." Alzena said still trying to work me out.

"Maybe another time then?" I questioned her

"Yer, erm ok thanks. Erm nice hair." She called out as she hurried to the other building that lead to James's classroom.

"What was all that about?" Midnight asked me.

"I could say the same thing." I turned to her.

"Well. Thought I should try and be nice to her." She simply told me. I was about to reply to her when I caught a familiar scent, then the sound of someone cleaning their throat. I glared round to face the scent.

 "I think we need to talk". Damien told me, I was about to protest when he suddenly handed me a letter. Russell letter and it was open.

"You got that right, prefect boy." I spat at him standing up. "I'll see you guys later."

I kept walking until we were alone in the school grounds. That's when I turned and unexpectedly lung at him, taking him off guard.

"How dare you read my letters!" I snarled at him putting venom into my words. I had him pinned to the ground thankful that all my strength had returned. He couldn't move this made me smile, thinking that the boot is on the other foot now.

"I.I didn't mean too. It was"-

"No. Just don't Damien! This is unreal. Don't lie to me, the letter wasn't even open." I snapped cutting him off. My body felt hot and strong, my legs either side of him. My fingers wrapped round his own wrist above his head, I was right up in his face. My teeth were shaper then usual, my fangs crept down also seeming to have grown. I felt like a real vampire. Cold. Strong. My prey blood calling me.

"Crystal I'm sorry." He whispered trying to move from under me, but I was still stronger now. I hissed in response. "Let me explain, ok yes I did read it." I snarled again. "Either let me explain or get it over with. Bite me just like a real vampire did to my parents. Hunted down and killed from there blood."

That caught me up short. But it didn't loosen my grip on him.

"I couldn't believe how he treated you. I knew that you were seeing him, but I didn't know how it was". He took a deep breath still trying to read my mind, I shut him out. His pale crystal blue eyes making me believe him. "I don't know why I did it. I should have just gave it you, but I.I"

"What Damien? Why did you read it?" I snarled back at him getting worked up.

"I.I."He stuttered not knowing really what to say. He looked closely at my face; it sent slivers down my spin.

"Yes?" I questioned.

"Because, I.I." He was getting close to me or was I to him. Feeling his muscular chest, breathing in his scent, looking at those thin sweet looking lips.

I growled down at him, how he dare do this to me. Mix with my emotions.  Was this one of his powers as well as nosing in people's minds? Playing with people's emotions? A very thin smile crept over his lips.

"You really don't know anything. You act like miss I don't care. Miss on her guard."

I bent my head close down so I could reach his ear, my new longer hair fell over me blocking the world out. "Because you let people in too. Your wall as thick as mine Damien."  I moved my lips down to the howl of his throat. His body quivered under my cold breath. Then I leapt off him and ran leaving him there.

As I walked though the canteen, that's when I heard them.

"Hey Jason these the fox pup."

"Good my head still hurts from last time." Jason replied in a evil voice.

They were talking about Mazany. I had to stop this and Jason needed to be taught a lesson. And I was in the mood to do it. Mazany was sitting over in the far corner with the pixie the one I smelt the other day.

I grabbed Jason by the shirt dragging him out easily. I slammed him against the wall hearing the stone wall crack.

"What the hell are you doing Crystal?" He shouted at me. I was standing a few steps away from him. "Picking on us werewolf's like that's not original, you vam"

My body shot up against him, my hand griped round his shaking neck.

"Now you listen to me Jason. If you ever, ever plan to hurt Mazany again or anybody. Then I will personally break every bone in your weak body." I threaten him. His face turning white with fear, eyes potting out. "And don't tell anybody about this. Because, I will know about it. Got it?"  My voice having the venom in it again like before, I shown my new shaper teeth at him.

"Yyess. Suuree Thhingg. Crrrystall." He stuttered barely specking above a whisper. I dropped his shaking body and walked casually into the canteen over to Mazany.

"Thanks, god I've being dying to that all year." I simply said to him putting some money into the machine and taking a swig of blood.

"Sorry you've lost me Crystal." He looked at me blankly his friend the pixie had a confused look on her face to.

"Put it this way, Jason not going to be the ‘big bad wolf' around here." Casually looking at them.

 "What you did something?" The pixie said to me.

"Had a few quite words. Don't worry about that. More for me then you. So don't feel bad or whatever." I say to them walking away.

"Thanks Crystal." Mazany replies coming up behind me. "Her names Zuri by the way." He added.

"Don't mention it. She new here?" I asked

"Long story." He replied.





The End

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