As a fallen Angel I am a sin to all nature my family were high class angels, we were seen as Gods. But when my family died I became depressed and slowly but surely my wings became black my hair from white to black, my eyes from a warm green to a cold blue, and worse most people hate me because of it.

I sat on my bed again dissapointed in my-self for hrting Midnight again, what was happeneing I have never snapped this much before I dont like hurting people though thats all I seem to be doing lately and it was killing me inside.

But what hurt more was seeing Crystal hurting it felt so comfortable for her to be in my arms to hold her close to feel her breathe on my neck I lay down and I could still smell her lingering on my pillow, I sighed I had to get a grip of my-self.

As I stood up I noticed a letter on the floor, thats strange it wasnt there before. I piked it up and read "crystal" and I instantly knew who it was from. I opened it and it read.

                  By the time you read this I will have long gone, I will lways remeber the time we spent and what we did the last time we were togethor I will treashure forever however it doesnt feel right for us to be togethor when I am so far apart as it will cause us both to much pain. I know realise we were never meant to be I know this might come as a shock but it is time to move one


the fury built inside me I scrunched the letter up into a fist how could he be such a jerk to her no wonder she is hurting. Being love with such a ugh if he was here I would kill him. The bell went and trudged to my next lesson I went throug the motions of the day will it came to lunch. I went to ther usual spot to find her.

What I saw shocked me her hair was a lot longer how could this be ? what ever had happened it had made her look more allring and attractive I could have slapped my-self for that, Why would she want to love a fallen angle ur a sin to humanity.

I cleared my throught and she turned and glared to me I handed her the letter and said "I think we need to talk"

The End

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