"We better get to class." I told Midnight who was still hugging me. It felt strange, being comforted I never had this sort of connection before and It felt nice. Like I belong somewhere.

"Are you feeling up to it?" She asked still a little worried and looking into my eyes.

"Yer come on, I need something to do. Even if it is class." I shrugged her off getting off my bed and into the shower. I had a towel wrapped round my head while I changed into some clean school clothes.

"You know I shouldn't really let you have your skirt so short." Midnight observed when I was looking in the mirror.

"O'come on Midnight, my legs are like, one of my best features." I half joked, taking my hair out from my towel. Both me and Midnight gasped at my new hair do. It was still wet but it had grown in length, straight and just past my shoulders. I had heard rumours that things change when you reached 16, mutually new look on life.

"How is this even possible, I'm a made vampire for crying out loud!" I shouted at the mirror pulling my new hair.

"You're a made vampire?" Midnight said in a shocked voice, standing next to me. Apart from her father and James (for some strange reason) no one else knew that I was a made vampire. I kept my scars covered most of the time. I turned to look at her then, she was just shocked.

"16 years ago, my mother was bitten by a vampire. She was pregnant with me at the time, when she gave birth to me she died. So strangely this made me a half vampire. It didn't really affect me, like it would you. I never needed blood, until one day when I was 10. I attacked this girl, she was bleeding and they took me away to some special client. My father never cared really."

I watched her face turn from, horrified to concern all at once. I carried on telling her about Lucas and how he helped me but couldn't remember how.

"The only things I've got now are scars."

"Where? O' sorry I don't mean to pry it's just, I've never seen." It was hard for her to get her words out.

I undid a few buttons and pulled my shirt showing the crisscross bite marks on my shoulders, then showing her my wrist. She was hesitant at first to look; she gasped lightly touching my scars.

The bell rang making us both jump, telling us that classes were about to begin. I quickly hair dried my hair, still finding it weird having it longer.

"You could cut it back to its normal self." She said as we walked down the corridor to class.

"I know, but you know what?" I questioned her.

"What?" She asked.

"I might leave it, new me maybe I don't know." I answered her.

"Then I love it! By the way, happy birthday." She smiled making me smile as we took our sits. 



The End

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