First day of lesson's and I realized that most of my other class mates did not like me, big surprise. I had my last two lesson in the same class as Midnight and I didn't know how I felt about it, one part of me was happy while the other was slightly depressed about it. I sat down under a tree, twirling grass through my fingers when Zuri appeared in front of me, I wasn't overly surprised I knew she had been following me for a while now.

"Hey, why you looking so glum?" Zuri asked me, I glared at her through my fringe and she just smiled back, I didn't say anything and she sighed sitting back and allowing the sun to shine down on her,

"You know? Any normal person would ask me what I was doing here" I laughed out loud, she glanced at me and said

"What?" I just smiled and shook my head,

"Nothing," She gave me a look, I smiled slyly "Nothing" I said again and she sat up straight saying,

"That's no fair! You can't say that and then smile like that" She whined at me, I smoothed my face and answered,

"Smile like what?" She glared at me and smiled sneakily,

"This means war!" She pounced on me and we tried to over power the other, in the end I won. I smiled down at her and she narrowed her eyes, she whispered something, I smelt the nature shift and I moved out of the way just as a blast of wind went past. Zuri laughed as I picked grass out of my hair, "And you say I'm not fair"

She just laughed harder and I had to laugh too. Once our laughter had subsided I lay down on the grass and watched the clouds drifting by, Zuri's head entered my view and I smiled. Zuri always somehow made me feel better, I don't know how but she just did,

"What you thinking about?" She said and I sat up,

"Nothing really, just that you always seem to make me feel better." I picked at the grass and Zuri leaned against me,

"Mazany, when are you coming back?" I sighed to myself and said,

"As soon as I get my ninth tail..." Zuri looked up at me and she smiled strangely,

"What?" I asked glancing down at her.

"I think Night Acadamy might be getting a new student" I furrowed my brow before I finally got what she meant.

"What?! You can't come here" She looked at me offended.

"And just why not?" She snapped, I thought about that and said,

"OK I give, I don't know why... why do you want to come anyway, you hate learning" She gave me a whack around the head and I smiled sheepishly,

"For your information I love learning!" I raised  my eyebrow and she said,

"OK! So I don't like learning but I'm so bored and I want to be around you..." I smiled at her and said,

"OK, so when do you start?" She beamed at me and I chuckled to myself.

The End

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