I waved back to Alzena, as she joined me in the lake. We surfaced, so she could breath, and we floated in the water. 

"Hey, Moesha. Sorry I haven't spoke to you much since you got here. A lot's been going on." She said to me. 

"It's fine. I noticed yesterday, when I walked to the lake." I didn't ask her what had happened. From the looks of yesterday, it looked pretty serious so I didn't want to get involved if they didn't want me to. Anyway, I thought maybe I could take her mind of it. 

"Yeah, I saw you walk past." 

We just lay there at first. It was nice, relaxing. Just staring at the sky, watching the clouds float by, it kind of took my mind of moving schools. I looked over to Alzena and she seemed to be relaxing a bit as well.

"Hey, do you want to do something?" She said looking at me. 

"Yeah sure, what do you have in mind." I asked her. I dipped under the water, and resurfaced.

"Erm... How about we have a race?" She said grinning. I laughed. 

"Yeah, but did you never hear, you can't beat a mermaid in a swimming race?" I said to her, which then made her laugh.

"We'll see about that." And with that she shot of across the lake. She was pretty fast actually. But no match for me. When I shouted this to her she said, "Yeah well, who's winning?" I grinned mischievously. 

I dived under the water, and swam down to the bottom of the lake. Then I changed course and headed to the top, flapping my tail as fast as  I could. I moved the water particles, so that they were pushing me up, and then I shot out of the water and flew in the air. I soared over her, and landed just ahead of her.

"No fair." She shouted, laughing.

"Hey, you never gave rules." I shouted back. Then she flew in the air, above my head.

"Fine, if this is a new rule race, take this." I felt it before I saw it, but she had managed to control the water to rise up and push me back. Then she dove back in the water and started swimming ahead of me. 

"Yeah, that all you got? What about this?" I rose in the water, the water acting like a seat. I then made a lasso, out of the water particles and swung it at her. It looped round her waist, and I began to bring her back. 

"That's nothing." She said as she waved the lasso away with her hand. "Compared to this!" She moved the water and suddenly a huge tower of water scooped me up and held me in the air. 

"I think your forgetting I can breathe in water." I said, giggling. I swam down the tunnel of water, and then zoomed ahead. She was just ahead of me, and we were reaching the shore. I flapped my tail harder, and reached out, just as she did. 

"We drew!" She shouted. 

"Yeah, yeah. I let you catch up." I smiled at her, and she smiled back.

"Thanks, Moesha." 

"It's fine, I thought I'd give you a chance-"

"No, not for that. For taking my mind of things. I really needed this." 

I nodded my head towards her. "Any time. I'm glad to be of assistance." 

We both then lay down on the shore, drying of, with the sun shining down on us. 

The End

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