After leaving Azleana I couldnt help but feel sluightly guilty I knew she didnt mean it but the fact she is with Orlando is like being shot and theres no way to stop te pain. As I turned the corner some studants younger tha me were messing around so I told them to go to their lessons, they did eventually after muttering some curses at me. I looked up and there I saw a tall blonde haired man, it was Orlando my heart fet like it had stopped, the pain started and tear threatened to spill so  turned around and ran away knowing he would not dare follow me.

I remebered what happened to Crystel I never seen her pass out like that and it worried me. I ran to Damiens room. I knocked on the door, no awnser when I opened the door he was sat on his bed holding his head in his hands.

"Damien" I whispered but before I knew what was going on I was pinned against the wall he eyes glaring into my frightened ones. "what do you want Midnight?" He hissed in my ear.

 I said quitly"Im looking for Crystal I left in here with you so I thought-" he cut me off "Well she isnt here now is she" He hissed back I clossed my eyes finding the glowing ball of my powers and help onto it and sent a wripple of energy out seinding damined flying and slamming in the wall oppersite.

"Just because your upset Damien please dont take it out on me" I whisper before leaving my room trying to regain control. and ran to Crystals room.

I kncked on her door no awnser and I heard taps running. "Are you in here Crystal?" I called coming in, I saw in her bathroom washing her face she looked at me her eyes were red because she had been crying my heart sank here I was being selfish because just thinking about my-self and Crystal was hurting. I ran to her and cuddled her close ignoring the pain shooting up my arm from where Damien must have dragged me when he froze time.

The End

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