Alzena left the room, smiling at me. I grinned and stretched. Maybe things could work out after all. I got up and dressed. Only one lesson with Alzena today, but it was the last lesson of the day so I had something to look forward to. Stepping out in to the corridor I headed for the cafeteria, grabbing some blood when I got there. I wandered the hallways until lesson began.

"Oi, you lot, stop messing around and get to class." Midnight was coming towards me. She saw me and stopped, then turned around and stalked off in the opposite direction. I let her go, there was no point in trying to force her to like me. Lessons dragged on, and when it was time for lunch I was relieved, firstly for the break and secondly because there was only one more lesson before I could see Alzena again.

At lunch I stared out of the window, across the pool. I saw two figures in the water, and then realised one of them was Alzena. She was practically flying in the water, racing a mermaid. I watched for some time, delighting in her beauty and skill. She looked so at home in the water, almost as at home as the mermaid. I debated whether to go down, but decided against it, I would see her again soon anyway.

The End

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