I woke up in his arms. I tried to delicately lift them off me, but he woke and softly pulled me closer again.

"Don't go."

"I have to." I turned, being careful of my wings, and kissed him on his cold angular nose. He brushed back my hair, looking at the whole of my face, taking it all in.

"You look a bit ill. Are you sure you can't have some time off?"

"I look ill...? Oh, I, I will not skive off, and you a fine upstanding teacher!!"

"Not so upstanding it seems."

"No, not so upstanding." He kissed me, and I felt my arms wrap sub-consciously around his neck.

"Stay?" I was tempted, looking in to his eyes, but shook my head. getting up I slipped out and ran to my room. I got changed, then went to the cafeteria. There Midnight and I talked. I had hoped we could get on and that she could accepted my apology, but she refused.

I wandered off, stunned at her refusal. I found myself next to the pool and checking to see if anyone was about, I slipped my jacket off and dove in to the pool. I opened my eyes underwater, and in front of me was Moesha.

I grinned and waved.

The End

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