Fingers going though my cherry red bob hair, warmth surrounding me. Russell. He always did this, waking me up. It felt nice. Then something felt strange on my fore head, soft weary. that was new, Russell never did that. Reality hit me, making me remember. My eyes shot open to find a tall figure sitting besides me. His black wings close behind his back, sitting close to me. I moved further away from him feeling my face turn red with embarrassment. I couldn't meet his gaze, so instead I looked down at my hands.

"Morning." His voice said to me, getting off the bed.

"How the hell did I end up here? In. In your bed? This isn't right." I muttered quickly getting off the bed and grabbing my things.

"What can you remember, Crystal?" He asked me. I still wouldn't look at him, too busy trying to sort my shirt out and put my heels on.

"I. erm remember my vision." Only too clearly could I remember that vision.

The thought of my father not wanting me. My own father. We weren't close, but still. So it was conformed my father never loved me or ever will. I took his dream away from him. It was like he was punishing me. All these years. Years wait, what was the date?

"18th September, why?" He said reading my thoughts. I quickly tried to turn my thoughts off. 18th September shaking my head I headed towards his door.

"Crystal wait." He called after me.

"Just leave it Damien." I snapped at him turning to face him. I couldn't read his face.

"So is that a thank you Crystal style?" He asked his face taken back by my response.

"Whatever you want it to be Damien." I turned to go when I felt his hand reach out and grab my wrist. I spun back round to face him, feeling the heat coming off his body. His grip was hard and firm no-way was he letting me go. We both stared into each other eyes, and then at the same time we gasped.

"Just let me go Damien. Please." I begged I needed to go get away from him.

His eyes looked deeply into my eyes, and then whatever he saw there he let me go and turned his back on me.

"Go and get ready for class Miss Storm, you shouldn't be here." His voice sounded hard back to it's normal self. But In a way it sounded different but I couldn't work that part out.

"You brought me here, prefect Damien." I splat back at him. I turned towards to open the door again. "Thanks." I whispered shutting the door behind me, feeling his eyes on my back.

"What are you doing here Crystal?" A male voice asked me. I was staring out into the night; a window was open in the boy's dorm letting a cool breeze clear my face. I turned round to the voice and found Mazany standing in front of me.

"O' hey Mazany, erm long story. I'm going now anyway." My voice was quite. I turned to walk away when he stopped me again.

"Are, are you ok?" Mazany voice was full of concern for me. It was getting hard to keep my tears in.

"Yep, shouldn't you be finding Midnight or something?" I managed to get out. I walked quickly away then back to the safety of my room. I clasped on my bed though I didn't feel tired.

 I felt my phone vibrate in my blazer pocket. As I reached into my blazer I noticed that the letter from Russell was missing. Where the hell could that be? It could be anywhere, in anyone hands. Ugh! I had a message on my phone from Lucas it read.

Crystal, hope the school year going ok. And you're behaving yourself, then again this is you. Hehe. Your dad hasn't called in a while. I'm sorry. I can't actually get a hold of him. But I'll try harder if you want me to. 16 years to the day. I hate not being there with you, happy 16th birthday. Sending you something in the post you should get it soon. Love you and please believe that I do. Lucas. x

Slighted tears slowly came down my eyes. Yes 16 years to the date. The night that vampire bit my mother, only 24 hours later I was born. And my mother die within seconds. Without holding me close to her chest, smelling my sweet baby smell. A soft knock came from my door, I didn't answer I just rushed into my bathroom cleaning my face.     

"Are you in here Crystal?" Midnight called coming in.


The End

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