Crytals arms reached out and grabed hold of my arm I stared down at her shocked unable to moved, her eyes wre shut yet she still daring me to kiss her. holding. I lay beside her and she autamically leaned into me so I wrapped my arms round her drawing her close to me, she fitted so perfectly into me like it was meant to happen. I softly whispered is into her ear Arms of an angel until I knew she was asleep. Before I knew it I was asleep



My alarm clock went off telling me I had to get up prefect time "O' dam! Shit, shh. Right done. Shh. Sleep. Shh Crystal." I said in a hushed voice , I carefully rubbed herarm tryin to reasure her. She lightly groaned in return  as I got up from the bed. "Crystal look, its ok. Shh you're safe. Shh. Please shh. Go back to sleep." I said to he reasuring her

"Wwwhatt"- she said in a groggy voice

"Sleep, shh." I said tenderly , my hand traced her jaw line I was drawn to her so much  I gasped and shot away from the bed, I was going to be late and it would uset midnight. I scribled a note sayin where I was going and that I woul be back soon. I stood looking at her contenplating If I should stay byt chose to go.

I finneshed going round after I bumped into Midnight she looked drain and hardly spoke, her spark was missing and she seemed more dead than alive.

I went back into my room to find Crystal was still in my bed I walked over to her and stroked her hair and she moved closer to me I was drawn to her more than I wanted to admit but I knew from that point onwards I wanted to make her happy.

I leant down and kissed her forhead her eyes shot open they were a little hazed at first then they focused, her eyes went wide with shock as she realised she had slept in my bed with me. she blushed and she sat up and moved furtheraway from me and looked down at her hands.

The End

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