I entered my room leaned on the as it closed and slid sitting on the floor. Why was I always the one by my-self Crystal was with Damien, Azlena was with Mr St James. Like alway I was in here by my-self crying to my-self. I decided I dont wnt to be loved and I dont want to be loved because my heart is to broken and I knew I could hurt someone its best to be by my-self and I fell on to sleep here not caring to move.

I woe up by my alarm clock and had I shower I felt so greggy today I just wished I could stay in bed and pretend my life was great, but it wasnt I possess this power I cant control yet and could hurt anyone.

I went on patrolling the school to make sure it was safe before anyoe got up for breakfast I bumped into Damien "Midnight morning how are you feeling" he said as he looked down at me concerened. I looked at the floor knowing I wasnt strong enough to meet his gaze.

"Im fine thank you" I whispered and walked away I dont care what he thinks I have always been an outsider why should I care now. I sat down with a can of blood and sippped it I was thirsty but I just couldnt care less.

Azlena sat infront of me with a tray of food looking at me "Midnight we need nee to talk Im really sorry if I have hurt you I really am I didnt mean for any of this to happen" she said softly "just looked at my hands holing the can.

"Its too late for sorys no Azlena I am not sorry for hurting you yesterday ok, you have won, taken My St James, you have almost taken Damien and where Damien goes so wull Crystel. And you know what I dont care any more I really dont because at least then they will be happ" I whispered but I knew she could here me a tear ran down my cheek as I stood up and left her staring after me.

The End

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