Blood kept passing down my dry throat I barely took notice of the taste of it. I was still feeling numb inside. I was vaguely aware of the soft comfortable bed that I was lying on, or the fact that something warm was holding my jaw. Making me feed, it was just too weird for me to be this helpless and weak.

Sleep finally took over me; the warm heat genteelly lent me back on to comfortable pillows. I was breathing in a familiar scent it made my taste buds quiver. I tried to make my lips move to say, ‘go, leave me alone. I don't need anyone. Don't want anyone to see me like this, this...'

Blackness hit me, stopping me from thinking about anything. I felt something go over my body probably trying to keep me warm. I didn't feel warm at all. Just cold and empty. I could feel my body moving around, kicking something. Something was warm besides me, but it was going away.

My arms reached out and found the warmth again, holding onto it, stopping it from escaping. The warmth modes itself to the left side of my body, I lean naturally into it. Like it was built just for me. A soft whisper is the last real thing I hear.    "You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie. In the arms of an Angel; may you find some comfort here."        



"O' dam! Shit, shh. Right done. Shh. Sleep. Shh Crystal." A voice hushed, their warm hand touched my body carefully rubbing my arm. I lightly groaned noticing the warm was fading fast from the bed. Whoever it was took it the wrong way. "Crystal look, its ok. Shh you're safe. Shh. Please shh. Go back to sleep."


"Sleep, shh." His voice was so tender and soft, his warm hand was placed on my face. I could feel his finger tracing the outline of my jaw line. He gasped and shoots away from the bed, again taking away the warmth. I could hear the faint sound of a pen being wrote across some paper. Feel someone staring at me though my eyelids stayed closed. The sound of a creaky door been closed.

I was still feeling a little dazed from the other night. That vision really knocked me about. Probably due to fact of all these new feelings and everything just going way out of hand lately. I didn't dare open my eyes, not because I was scared of what I would see. But I just wanted to hold on the warmth and theblackness for just a few minutes longer. Facing the world didn't seem to matter here, wherever that was. I sighed, turning over and breathing in the familiar warm scent that still linger on the pillows.      

The End

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