I felt time being bent, and stood up flickering my tail looking in the direction of the bend. Seeing as I could bend space I wasn't effected by the bending of time, but that also meant that whoever could bend time wouldn't be effected by my bending of space. I put Zuri against a tree and ran in the direction of the bend, it took me back to the school and I felt  the bend in time come back to reality, I startled a teacher who had been frozen a minuet ago.

I just ran down the corridor and round  a corner to a room that had a door open and someone stepping out of it. I recognized Midnight and tried to get back round the corner before she noticed me but she saw the edge of my tails, curse the damn things, and yelled.

"Mazany! Over here!" I walked back round the corner with as much dignity as I could and stopped in front of Midnight a bowed to her,

"Milady, I am very sorry for leaving you earlier and humbly apologize for it" Midnight just sighed and said,

"Hey, it's OK! I mean I know you don't do well in the rain and I'm sorry for making you come with me."  She glanced down sadly,

"No, Milady I was glad you invited me." I coughed at looked away, my ears burning and my tail flickering nervously.

"I had better be going." Midnight said awkwardly and I mentally hit myself for making this perfect conversation awkward.

"Oh, yes Milady. Goodnight." Midnight waved over her shoulder and disappeared around the corner.

I pulled my tail and said "You just have to show what I'm thinking don't you?" oh great talking to my tail.

I just huffed and bent space around my tail do that it was hidden from peoples view, I froze and realized that whoever could bend time would notice this bend in space so I dropped the bend and darted back round the corner just in time as the door to the room Midnight had walked out of opened. I sprinted further down the corridor and didn't stop until I got to my room, I left the window open for Zuri, and then turned my attention to the torturous task of have a shower.

The End

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