Midnight fell to the floor panting, the screaming thought it went on for a long time I ran to her side and picked her up and put her on my lap and stroked her hair out of her face she was struggling to keep concious.

Orlando bent down to stroke her hair ad I glowed at him he move his hand away as Iwrapped my wings around Midnight and I so no-one could see us, once I did that I healed her with my powers and she woke up propely now I opened my wings and she got up and went to speak to her Farther and Orlando on there own. I looked around and Crystal wasnt here.

Azlena was next to me she looked tired and frightened at the same time and so she should be evan after I told what Orlando was capable of she still went running back after to him. he gash on her head looked a mess yes I could smeel vampire blood but even that took a while to heal.

"Azlena Im going to heal you  but doesnt mean were friends" she nodded, I put my hand just hovering over her cut and my hand began to glow and the cut closed I read her mind to see if she was hurt any where else I moved my hand over her crushed wings and they straightened out, once I was done I stood up.

"thanks" she mumbled as I walked over to Midnight. They were all still talking and I simply picked her up and started to walk away she tried to squirm in my grasp but I didnt let go of her. "Damien you put her down I am not threw talking to her" Her farther shoted after us.

I chuckled and said in his head "tough luck Sir because I need her now so good bye" with that I shot up in the sky and started flying over the woods when I spotted Cyrstal blazer and heels I dipped down and picked them up and searched for her mind. she was up ahead struggling with a vision I shot threw the trees when she collapsed to the floor.

"Crystal" I screamed

"What's happened, Crystal"

"Quick she need's some blood" I said fantically

"Crystal no-way you can't do this to me, Crystal can you hear me? It's Midnight. Crystal!" Midnight jumped down off my back and ran to her shaking her, her eyes opened and they were almost red, she was so thirsty but I fed to her the other I couldnt give her more blood so I froove time picked them both up and flied back to the school.

I lay her down on my bed and sat midnight in a chair, I went to the canteen and bought a few bottles of blood once I was in the room I stared time up, they both looked around confused and saw me then calmed down.

I sat next to Cyrstal and lifted her head up as I opened the can she looked into my eyes I knew what she wanted and I could now help her I poured some of the blood into her mouth and she swallowed I kept on doing this till it was all gone and rested her head back onto the pillow.

"Damien Im gonna go now erm look after Crystalshe needs you" Midnight said as she stood up. I nodded but kept looking at Crystal as she left. Crystal looked so peaceful when she slepts, her hair spread out behind her head her shirt tied in a knot under her breast's showing of her silk like skin, her red parted lips daring me to kiss her but I resited the thought, she was already inlove with someone else, besides Im a fallen angel wht would she see in me ?

The End

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