This was just too much for me now. My emotions were completely out of their comfort zone. Midnight father pretty much gave me the creeps; the fairy was just about conscious on the ground, some sort of a foxy tail guardian creature that seemed to have a thing with water, Midnight was going mad with her powers again which was for some reason just too hard for me to watch again. The smell of pixie dust was in the air with some very strange connection with foxy boy.

Something I've only ever heard of in fairy books was trying to hide herself in the water. Then of course James was trying to help out Midnight, I really didn't like what was going on. It took everything I had not to lung at him, but I knew that I couldn't break the connection between them. So I would wait, I touched my cheek where he slapped me. Strangely I could still feel the pain where his hand touched my skin. And not forgetting the fallen angle, he was just a tense as I was. Something we both had in common, we hated Orlando St James.

I couldn't take it anymore. Midnight needed me, but she would have to understand that I needed to get away. Everyone was busy watching Midnight to notice me sneak away. I went into the trees hiding in the shadows grateful for the cloudy night and my amazing midnight blue eyes which allowed me to see really well. But even in the darkness I still couldn't feel the relief that I needed. I took my heels and my blazers off leaving them on the ground; someone would end up finding them. The letter from Russell was still unopened in my blazer. I couldn't do with that right now I had far too much going on.

I started to run; the feel of the wind around my body frilled me. My long legs making me go further and further in the trees. When I reached the end of the trees I carried on running. I kept pushing my legs to go faster and they obeyed. Sweet was ringing down back. I undid a few buttons on my white shirt at the bottom, making a knot under my breasts.

Suddenly, I felt my body go strange and I knew what was coming next. But I kept running fighting it at all cost. I didn't want it, not now.


"O' Ricky, I'm pregnant".

"Your WHAT!"

"Look l know we haven't planned this or anything. But I want to keep in, Ricky please listen to my love"-

"Don't you dare say love to me, you, you slag. You trapped me, you knew that I needed this scholarship to go America and play hockey. Can't I follow my dreams? It's always been about you hasn't it"?

"Ricky please, I haven't trapped you. We can work it out, promise that everything will be ok."

"But it won't. You said you were on the pill? You liar, I mean is it even mine? Were the rumours true that you've go with half the lads on the team"?

"Where have you heard that? No this is your baby Ricky. She mine and yours. Are daughter."


I could feel the rain against my bare skin, my clothes sticking to my body. But I couldn't open my eyes, the flashing kept coming different images on and on. It was my parents. Why was I seeing the past that never happens? What's going on with me? Sharp pain went though my body, making me see my visions clearly.


  "It's amazing how she looks isn't it, Ricky look at her tiny little hands".

"Catherine it's just a baby scan picture, I don't know why you keep it in your car."

"I like to know that I can see her. Silly but I love it when she nudges me."

"Pull over here will you, I need some beer for that crummy flat."

"It's a bit dark around here isn't it. You won't be gone long will you?"

"Catherine, will you stop nagging?"

A few moments' later a dark figure comes in the quite car park. The figure goes over to the car where Catherine is sat. A taps the window.

"Excuse me madam but, I believe that you're licking oil all over the car park."

"O' my, Ricky should be back soon thank you sir."

"Why don't you come and have a look, it's just here."

Catherine eyes go a funny colour and she climbs out of the car, still holding the baby scan.

"How far gone are you?"

"She be coming out in 5 weeks."

"She, hmm, this is going to be fun."

The dark figure grabbed Catherine and bites her. The sound of her scream echoed making the vision end.

The rain was still thundering around me, I was frozen from the outside. But I couldn't feel anything on the inside. Just numb. I felt unwanted. I couldn't move from the ground. My eyes where in soo much pain, they would be soo dark pink maybe almost red. Then I could sense that i wasn't alone anymore.


"What's happened, Crystal?"

"Quick she need's some blood."

"Crystal no-way you can't do this to me, Crystal can you hear me? It's Midnight. Crystal!"

The End

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