I felt really awkward, as I walked past them all. It seemed like I was intruding in something important. They was all silent, but I could tell it wasn't because of me. It was like they was waiting for someone to speak first. 

I walked into the water, and suddenly I didn't care any more. Some thing was going on between them all, but it ha nothing to do with me. This was my world, right here. I decided to call my parents, to see how they was. 

Swimming down to the bottom of the lake, I sat on a rock and waved my hand in the air. I could feel each individual water particle, and they seemed to move the way I wanted them too. After a few seconds, I felt them change. The texture seemed to change, and I could feel the salt levels increase. I wasn't waving my hand in the lake any more, but the ocean.

Looking round, in the portal to the ocean, I tried to see if I could see any of my parents. I recognised the place, as my family's sea garden. I looked round eagerly, but I couldn't see anyone. I was about to change, to a different location, when all of a sudden there was a massive splash above my head. 

I swam closer, curiously. All the fish were swimming away frantically, and I wondered what had landed into my lake to make them so scared. That's when I saw Mr James swimming to the shore. What was he doing in here?

I swam to the side, and surfaced my head to see what was going on. I was shocked when I saw what was happening. Midnight was rocking on the floor, with people surrounding her. Alzena was lying on the floor by the tree, as Mr James rushed over to her. She got up, clumsily, and he then went over to midnight. 

He injected something into her, and she seemed to stop rocking. She looked so lost, and helpless, that even I wanted to rush over and help her. Mr James then put the palms of his hands on her head, and they seemed to go into some trance. I could tell something important was happening, and I watched curiously. 

Then she began to scream. It made my heart beat faster, and the hairs on my arms stood up. Mr James let go, and she fell to the floor panting.

This was turning out to be one of the strangest first days, I had ever had. 

The End

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