I unwillingly let him put his hands on my face, and closed my eyes. I felt him come into my mind I shuddered as he did it felt wierd. I tried not to look into hi his memorys but it was so hard to resist, but he put a doo infrot which slammed shut. On the back of the door I saw my self in total darkness but I was aged 9 and I wore a long white bedgown what was going on. and Orlando was stood behind me looking as normal as a vampire can be.

"Look Anju were n your mind now and this is you well youve always been this age mentally trying to hold on your mother" he said soothingly I knew he ws right everynight I dreamed about her, how I missed her.

"Look Midnight this is going to be hard now ok because were are going to be faced with many chalanges just listen to my voice and I will guid you I nodded and took hold of his hand. I though about the glowing orb I saw last time and a arrow pointed forward and walked toward us.

Then out of no where My mum appeared "Mum I shouted and ran towords her but Orlando held me back "No Midnight its a memory" he whispered I went to argue but out of no where a hunter came out and attaked I winced into Orlando is it happened. once it was over we carried on going forward. Every so often this would happen.

But finnaly we got to the it, it was the most breathtaking thing I had ever seen it was a glowing orb, it looked like motlon laza as it all churned inside I heard voices and they were calling my names taunting me to come and play.

But a barrier was put infront of me I turned ad hissed in fustration "Listen Midnight you cannot go near ther or this will or this will hurt evan more" I felt somethig well someon hold of the orb then I heard Orlando whispering unknown words to me.

That when the pain started I screamed in pain and tried to pull away and get him but I wasnt strong enough I felt someone try and comfort me. As the ball grew smaller and smaller the pain grew stronger I kept screaming stop it ut no-one awnsered my called. but then he did stop and the paindulled to an ache. sh he taken hs hands away from my head and broke the connection between us I fell to the floor panting, thought the pain had gone I still couldnt sit up yet so I lay on the soft grass trying to stay concious.

The End

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