We stayed at the poolside. The mermaid girl was watching us from the lake with interest now, especially since my intrusion in to the pool. Midnight was clamer since the injection, and prepared to listen, even if she didn't want to look at me.

"Your father and I have known for a long time that you had this power Midnight. Until now, we couldn't do anything about it. But now it has emerged we can help you to gain control."

She stared at her father. "How?"

He spoke. "We must stabalise you, and teach you to control your newfound powers. Firstly we must teach you a small technique to control your anger, as this seems to be the trigger."

She nodded and stood. "Reach in to your mind. You will find a glowingball which is your power. Take it in your mind and make it smaller." She closed her eyes, straining for a second, and then gasped and opened her eyes.

"I can't do it!"

"Then I will have to help you. I shall enter your mind, but try not to listen to my thoughts. I will do my best to disguise them from you, but your natural instinct will be to read my memories. Privacy is one of my only things in life and I hope to keep it that way."

She nodded, unhappily, then let me take her head in my hands. I entered her mind.

The End

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