"Midnight?" a small voice called my name, tears wee streaming down my face all my powers were now drained apart from the screaming vioces in my head.

"Please make them stop make them stop" I said wimpering to him, my farthers arms wrapped round me I felt safe but it didnt stop them in my head.

"Orlando the power her mother had where she can go in other peoples mind feel their emotions, thoughts and past memorys Midnight has and she can not control it" my Farther spoke calmly but his mind said another thing Pain and despair was screaming out, I started crying screaming stop in my head. and everbody winced away apart from Damien who was infront of me.

"Midnight how did you do that let me see" I felt enter my head for a couple of secands I knew he could here all the vioce all the memorys, people dying people celabrating all of them clashing togethor and within the secand he was out again. panting and Crystal helped move him away.

Orlando was kneeling in front of me "Midnight look into my eyes ok you have to do this you have to trust me" I nodded and looked into his eyes. "I normally inject this when you pass out but this time is different and you will remeber everything" I nodded.

Orlando took a needle from his jacket the content was cloudy I looked away when the needle pieced my skin, I felt the relif of the injection the voices were just a whisper then to nothingI looked at him shocked.

" There gone the voices are gone I cant hear your thought memory feelings so much any more" I said just a whisper to scared if I said it any louder they would return. Orlando went to stroke my cheek as he did when I was as a child but I winced away I didnt want him to touch me any more. So he just paated my head.

The End

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