I looked at the ground knowing what he was waiting for"Whats the use now Orlando St James, if I say yes you will go Im ever so sorry Im in LOVE with a fricken FAIRY !! and if I say no you will go well done Midnight your growing up"I said coldy to him. Azlena came to his side glaring at me. I looked at them both, it reminded me of how alone I was.

"Dont you dare glare at me Fairy Girl for all I could care go die in a gutter you know if I wanted to I could easily erase you, but I wont because I dont want to hurt anyone, yet none of you ever understand me do you" My anger was dying down and the pain inside, the lonlieness, the pain of just wanting to be loved was rising up.

I brushed past them and an Ice ball nearly hit me and I swirled roun hissin at Azlena "Sorry to tell you this Vampire this fairy is not going any where without a fight" wind blew around me and I was lifting up.

"NOOO" I screamed and put my arms out infront of me and a ripple of ebergy came out of me sending everyone away from me including my farther I fell t the floor and I heard a crack and I screamed in agony. "you will pay for that Fiary!" Damien was by my side helping me up anf glaring at Azlena he looked hurt and lost.

"Azlena all that I told you what I showed yet you go back to that murdering Bastard" he said I felt his anger build up.

Azlena looked at him sympethicly "Look Damien I know you meant to help but he explained to me what happened and he didnt mean it maybe we could be friends" She held her hand out to him and he seemed to hesitate but I stood infront of him cutting off.

"you take Orlando away now you want to take my Brother too what do you want My Farther, Mybest friend My Gaurdian I never did anything to you" I said almost crying I hated this I hated so much. I put my arm out infront of me and lifted up as I did this I piked her up and thrown he into a tree and slid to the floor.

Orlando scream "Azlena !!" I and ran to her side I liftedhim up in the sky and threw him into the lake. "Whats it like sir to see someone you love hurt what is it like" I said screaming at him my eyes were glowing red and wind was swiling round me as my power grew stronger.

Crstel was by my side "Listen Midnight what did I say I would always be here for you" I swiled round to her. and looked straight into her mind, she was in pain seeing me like this. but once I did this everyones minds were alive inside mine. Every memory was alive and screaming at me.

Pain, lov, loss, passion, confusion, despair, anguest, trust, heart ache.  So many emotions in my mind I couldnt cope I started to panik leavves and flowers were swirling around me as I sat on the floor by my-self rocking back and and forth clutching my hair crying.

"Make it make it stop" I kept on crying.

The End

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