I was waiting to see what they would say next when I felt Zuri make a chant to the weather, I looked behind me to see the dissapearing of Zuri's glittery wings. I cursed under my breath and Midnight looked at me, I just shook my head and she turned back to Mr James and opened her mouth to say something. That's when I saw the effects of Zuri's chant. I felt a rain drop land on my tail, I jumped back involitarily, Midnight turned to look at me, as did everyone else. I saw Mr James give me a look and I narrowed my eyes at him.

Rain started falling down more heavily and I darted back into the cover of the tree's and lead on the bark of a tree, rain water dripped off my hair and down my shirt. I cursed Zuri under my breath and thought abour why she would do this. I looked back to see the other's looking at me as they stood in the rain,

"Mazany, what's wrong?" Midnight asked me, I just stood up straighter and said,

"Nothing Milady, I just have to go and sort out a persistant problem. I will be back as soon as I can, Milady." I bowed, then turned and sprinted off into the woods, following the smell of Zuri's nutty smell. All the while rain continued to fall and I felt the contact it made with me and the strength that I lost because of it.

After stumbling through the woods for a while until I can upon a clearing in which I saw a girl with small Indigo wings sitting, short chestnut brown hair stuck to her scalp and chewing her nails, I darted under the cover of a tree and growled,

"Make it stop now..."

Zuri looked up shocked and burst into tears, "I'm sorry Maz!"

I sighed and said more gently, "Please Zuri, just make the rain stop"

She gulped and nodded, whispering under her breath and a few seconds later the rain began to slow down.

The End

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