I was sitting in the tree swinging my legs looking forward to actually getting to talk to Mazany when the guy by the pool started talking, I couldn't see what he said but I saw the girl that Mazany had been walking with yell back at him. I stopped swinging my legs and leaned forward to see if I could hear what was going on, it was then that I saw Mazany put I hand on that girls shoulder! I gripped the tree branch tighter telling myself that it didn't mean anything. Another man stepped forward, in front of the other Pixie, and said something to the girl, all I caught was,

"Midnight,...... lead you on....... interest was in your safety...... friendship..... never had feelings...."

I could clearly hear what the girl, Midnight, said, "It doesn't matter!! I still thought you liked me!" I leaned back again, thinking to myself, I saw the man reply and the girl pause, I also saw how Mazany edged closer to the girl. I glared and decided I didn't want to see what happened next. Mazany could find me himself if he wanted to, I felt so mad that I did a stupid thing. I hissed to myself,

"Nature, I need you. Make it rain"  And then I got up off the branch and flew away, deeper into the woods where I waited for Mazany to come and find me. I knew he would, and I also knew he'd be mad at me.

Stupid! He was only trying to comfort the girl and I had to go and make it rain! I know how it effect him, I mean what if he get's attacked he'll be weakened. I sat down biting my nails, I felt a rain drop on my cheeck and looked up to see the heavens break loose.

The End

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