"This is going to get out of hand" I whispered to Alzena as I moved in front of her. Midnight was upset, screaming at her father. I prepared to spring.

"I know Midnight." The headmaster said. "And I am so sorry. I thoughtit would make it easy for you if you didn't have me around. I can see now I was wrong. But Mr James never led you on, or at least not that I've seen. And I've seen a lot." he looked at me pointedly. "We will have to talk later Orlando." I nodded and he glanced at Alzena who blushed as his eyes glowed.

"Midnight, I never meant to lead you on, as I have told you, my only interest was in your safety. I wanted your friendship at best, but I have never had feelings for you."

"It doesn't matter!!! I still thought you liked me!!"

"Would you want me too?"


"Would you actually want me to like you? I mean, does it actually make much difference?"

Midnight paused, confused. Alzena put her hand comfortingly on my back, rubbing it. I took her hand behind my back and squeezed it, before letting it fall to the side. At this moment it might not be best to show affection. Midnight was still deliberating, and I glanced at Damien. It wasn't like him not to have said anything. Perhaps he was looking just there to protect Crystal and Midnight.

Midnight looked at me, ready with her answer, and Mazeny edged closer to her for strength.

The End

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