"Midnight my child, your power is of a very dangerous kind. Unless you learn to control it we are all at peril. Mr. St.James has been looking after you all these years at my request, as I could not be seen following you around all the time. Unfortunately, he believes you may have taken his looking after you as something else. What do you have to say?"

My anger was growing " Your telling me that you ignored me for so long because you didnt want to be seen following me round" I spoke colly to him and he jumped back a little in shock "What I have to say is this I dont like Mr James" I sobbed turing to Mr james "Why didnt you tell me that is why you were close to me why did you make me tink it was something else" I felt Mazanys comforting hand on my shoulder. Then I found the strength to carry on.

"Farther you know all I ever wanted from you is to hold me and tell me that everything would be ok after mother died instead you hire a god damned teacher too and never spoke to me about it !" I screamed at him I hated him for what he did why didnt he tell me.

The End

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