We stood around the pool, everyone looking somber. I stared at Midnight's father, he was very interesting. A tall handsome man, he also had a withdrawn quality, not to be mistaken with shyness. I could see him fighting anyone who stood in his way.

Damien glared at me, as did the fire fox, Mazany, I believe his name was. I stood silently at Orlando's side, waiting for someone to speak. the headmaster was the first.

"Midnight my child, your power is of a very dangerous kind. Unless you learn to control it we are all at peril. Mr. St.James has been looking after you all these years at my request, as I could not be seen following you around all the time. Unfortunately, he believes you may have taken his looking after you as something else. What do you have to say?"

I looked around at Midnight, who stood next to Mazany. And then she spoke.

The End

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