I stumbled through the underbush, sure that I had seen Mazany walk this way. My heart beat quickened as I thought about Mazany, it caused me to step on a branch and Mazany looked in my direction from the spot were he was leaning. I put up my invisibility and managed to get it up before he spotted me, but I saw him glare right at me and swore he knew it was me. However he just turned back round and I creeped further forward, still invisible, and peeped round a tree.

Mazany was there leaning on a tree, his reddish hair hanging over his eyes and his arms folded. I could tell that he was angry and saw him glaring at a blond haired man across the pool who was standing next to a girl... a Pixie! I also saw a girl standing just infront of Mazany with wavy, dark blue hair, she was the one that Mazany had been walking with. I felt a pang of jealousy but looked back at Mazany. He looked so handsome leaning against the tree, and I was sure he knew it was me so why hadn't he come to see me. I thought he would be over the moon about it, I felt a pang of sadness in my heart, but then saw his tail flick slightly and recognised the sign as 'we'll meet later'. My heart skipped a beat and I flew silently up into the tree above and watched what was unfolding, swinging my legs merrily.

The End

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