I took Midnight back to her room and sat her on the bed, I then sat down next to her and looked into her eyes,

"Milady, please tell me what has happened" I pleaded and she nodded, telling me about how Mr James, the man with the steely eyes, had become close to her after her parent's died. I felt a pang of jealously but pushed it down and carried on listening to how she  was blown off for the girl I had seen in the doorway. Also about how she had nearly killed herself, which just caused me to become madder, and then how she was convinced not to and that she could talk to Mr James anytime about her powers. Yeah, about her 'powers' I thought bitterly to myself listening to Midnight telling me about the conversation they had and her saying she never wanted to see him again.

I felt compeled to give some form of comfort, so hugged her and her hair tickle my nose. I heard someone stop outside the door and then knock, I let go of Midnight and watched as Mr James, my tail twitched in frustration when I saw him, and next to him came Alzena. Well don't they just look dandy. I glanced at Midnight and saw how she drew into herself. I jumped up and stood between them, and growled,

"Milady does not like you being here, Mr James, Azlena, I suggest you leave." I made my voice steely, but Mr James just ignored me and instead talked to Midnight.

"Midnight I'm sorry for hurting you, everyone is meeting outside near the pool, including your father so you need to be there." He then turned to me and said harshly

"And Wolf, don't get involved where you don't belong" I felt the anger boil inside me and glared at the man imagining that I was ripping his throat out. I snarled at the word Wolf, and just dared him to push me further.

Instead I snapped, "It is now my buisness now Mr James, af I am now Midnight's Guardian for she saved my life, also wherever she goes I am coming!" I felt someone put there hand on my shoulder and glanced to see Midnight standing behind me, I felt some of the anger leave my body.

She looked at me and whispered, "It's ok Mazany, they just want to talk. My father will be there and I'm guessing Crystal and Damien too, but you can come too." I felt a pang of guilt and walked out with Midnight, not letting either of them close to her.

We walked through the empty corridor's and ended up by the pool I had fallen in, I stepped over to a tree and leaned against it, keeping an eye on Mr James, and as far away from the pool I could be. I noticed two people sitting in the tree next to the one I was leaning on and saw a fallen angel and a vampire, who I could only guess were Crystal and Damien. There was also another, who stood looking into the pool and then I saw another walk past, a girl with white hair.
I thought I heard a stick snap behind me and glanced round to see no one there, but I knew some one was there and I thought I knew who it was too.

The End

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