After Midnight walked of, I went up to my room leaving Jasper stood alone. I needed to sleep, so that's what I did. 

When I woke up, I saw that I had been a sleep for a few hours. I felt relaxed and fresh, and I had a massive urge to go for a swim. Making my way to the lake, I noticed that the school was very quiet. Maybe they were all in there rooms, I thought. 

As I stood out into the grounds, I saw  a group of people stood near the lake. When I got closer, I recognised Alzena, and then Midnight. Damien was here too with crystal and Mr James. There was another man that I didn't recognise. 

I felt awkward all of a sudden, like I was intruding in something, but they had already saw me. I would have looked stupid turning round so I decided that I would just walk straight pass them, and into my lake. 

The End

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