Mazany carried me to my room and sat me on my bed and he sat next to me looking into my eyes. "Milady please tell me what has happened" I nodded it best to tell him now.

"When I was little I knew Mr James as he was my mother and fathers friend oh thats the blond vampire who was in the hall. Any way when my Mother died he became closer to me. A couple of years ago he started to lead me on and when that girl started the on the the at the door Azlena he blew me off as if I was trash. Any way couple of days ago I nearly killed my-self but they convinced me not to and he said he would help me with my powers as I keep losing control of them. I went to ask him and he shouted at me saying I only thought of my-self and I was hurting that Azlena" a tear ran down my cheek "so I slapped him and said I never wanted to see him or need his help then I ran into you"

He listened to me as I told him what has been going hugged me and somone knocked on the door and Mr James and Azlena walked in. They looked so happy standing side by side. I pulled my leags up and wrapped my arms around my torso and Mazany jumped up in front of me growling at them.

"Milady does not like you being here Mr James, Azlena I suggest you leave" he said in a harsh voice.

"Midnight Im sorry for hurting you again everyone is meeting outside near the pool including your father so you need to be there and Wolf dont get involved where you dont belong" he said softly and then harsh to Mazany.

" it is now my buisness now Mr James as I am now Midnights Gaurdian as she saved my life also where ever she goes I am coming" he snapped back. I stood up and put my hand on Mazany's shoulder and he calmed down a little.

"Its ok Mazany they just wnt to talk my farther will be there and Im gessing Cystal and Damien too but you can come too" I said my voice only a whisper as that was all I could manage.

As we got there Cystal was sitting in the tree next to Crystal, my Farther stood looking into the pool and Azlena and Mr James was stood on the ther side of the pool.

The End

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