I woke to hear shouting. I looked around myself, I was on a bed in a beautiful room. It had no windows. A vampires room. Orlandos? Then the memory of him saving me came back. I got up and walked out. I could hear an argument outside the door so I opened it. Orlando turned round. I saw Midnight on the floor, the fire fox I had bumped in to earlier was sat with her. Orlando spoke.

"Alzena, it's not what you think-" I closed the door and leant against it. What was I going to do? I wandered over to the sofa aimlessly, collapsing on the cushions. I began flying objects around the room, and didn't stop when Orlando came in.

"Alzena, are you feeling better?" I settled all the objects back in place then stared at him. "Alzena?"


"Don't call me that! That's what you refused to call me, that's what everyone calls me. You're special!" He came over and I let him touch my face. "Please Alzena, please." He was begging, his eyes wide and lost. I stared.

"And how long before you get bored with me? How long before it's, 'I'm sorry if I led you on' to me?"

"Melody and Midnight were and still are different. Melody had a strange and terrible power which was beginning to control her. I tried to help, but she began to think we were together. She would try to kiss me, that's what Damien saw, and when I told her that we were never going to be she grew angry. Her powers got out of hand and I couldn't calm her down. So I grabbed the nearest thing and just hit her. It was an accident. I would never have done that to her..." he tailed off and collapsed inwardly, moving away from me and looking anywhere else but at my face.

Still keeping a distance from him I tentatively put out my hand and stroked his. He jerked, then looked at me.

"Alzena..." his voice was strangled.

"Sshhh. Tell me about Midnight then. What is it about her?" I removed my hand.

"Her power you haven't witnessed, but Crystal, Damien and myself have. She can push a force field out sometimes which can send people flying, and other things besides. Myself and the headmaster are the only ones who can help her, but I think I've just made things worse. I was just so angry that you had almost died..."

"Ok, here's what we're going to do. You are going to get everyone of the group, that's Midnight, Crystal, Damien, the headmaster, myself and you and we are going to sort this out. We'll meet outside, that puts less of us in danger of flying objects or walls to slam in to. Tonight would be best, when it's dark for you and the rest."

"You're very persuasive you know that."

"Mr St. James, I think we ought to start again...that way we can see if it was actually worth it. Do you agree?"

"Entirely." He reached over and took my hand, kissing it. "Where do you want to start?"

"What's your favourite part of mythology?" He grinned, remembering our conversation.


The End

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