I heard shouting coming from round the corner and sweared one was Midnights. I walked round the corner to have someone bump into me, I saw a glimps of long wavy hair before the person fell on the floor sobbing to themselves. I looked down and saw it was Midnight who was crying, it made my heart pull to see her crying,

"Midnight!" I said forgetting all about formality, "What wrong?" I knelt down and tried to look her in the eye. I looked up to see a man with blonde hair and steely eyes looking down shocked and with a hand to his cheek. My eyes narrowed slightly and I said in a hard voice,

"What did you do to her?" He just looked at me with the same shocked expression, I stood up and whispered, "I swear if you done anything to hurt her-" I heard a door open and looked behind the man to see the girl I had run into peeping out. The man turned around and whispered "Alzena, it's not what you think-" But was cut short by the fact that the girl just closed the door without a word.

The man looked back at me and then at Midnight, he turned away and opened the door disappering inside.

"Hey!" I yelled, moving forward, determind to find out what happened.

"Mazany... no please don't" I stopped where I was and looked down at Midnight, she looked so small and sad. I forgot about the man with the steely eyes and picked Midnight up,  "Yes, Milady."

I was conscious of having Midnight against my chest and tried to slow my beating heart down. I began to walk down the corridor, Midnight nestled against my chest after a while she said, "I'm sorry Mazany, I mean I'm not making a good impression"

I just carried on walking before saying with a cool voice, "Not at all Milady, you did save my life. I think that counts for a great impression" She looked up at me a smiled, and God did she have a beautiful smile.

The End

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