As I went round te corner Gasper was talking to a girl my hiegt I was so excited normally people are taller than. she had long hair which was white very tanned skin ad purple-blue eyes.

"Oh hello James, and erm you must be new pleased to meet you Im Midnight and I a pureblood vampire if you need any help Im a prefect here" I said facing the girl I shook her hand and she seemed ambarrased "erm yeah Im Moesha and Im a mermaid and thank you" she said queily I smiled at them both and skipped down the corridor.

Mr James said e could help me but how? I needed to say sorry fo the way I acted, I went round the corner and came to his room ad knocked on.

He came to the door and shut the door behind him and leaned against the door, He looked really anxious and worried whatwas going on with eveyone lately?.
"Sir I want to apolagize for ther way I acted yesterday it was out of order I dont know what came over me" I said looking at the floor.

He rubbed his face "its ok Midnight I was doing my job" he said in a mono tone voice I was taken back by this, he was normally friendliar to me.

"Sir you said you can help me I really dont understand Cyrstal also tlod Damie that you were  one of two that can controll me please tell me what going on" I said to him rising my voice a little.

With that he snapped befoe I knew what was happening I was pushed up against the wall staring into two red orbs that were his angry eyes.

"Listen to me Midnigt not everything is about you ok, because of you and your so called brother who isnt even realated to you" he spat at me " the one person I care for hates me and is very upset so stop thinking of your-" I stopped him by slapping him across his face. tears were running down my face as he stared at me in shock.

This was the first time I had ever slapped him and I could tell hes taken back by that. "I dont want your help I dont you anywere near me any more, you say its part fo your job to save me, your a teacher yet you flirt with studants and were the ones who end up hurt!" Now he was shocked I dont think Ive ever had an out burst at him like this I pushed im away wit ease and ran down the corridor andbumped into someone tat made fall flat on my face. People think vampires are gracefull I can tell you this I am far from it.

The End

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