I followed her scent to the library. I didn't think this was where she'd come, not if she was mad at me. I looked around. The shelf perhaps?

I climbed up, just in time to see her feebly battling against her wings, which were slowly tightening themselves around her. Like all fairies, she obviously had some sort of self distruct. I jumped at her, pulling her wings apart.

"You are not going to die!" She sat, curled in a ball and shivering under her wings. They began to shrink and she looked up.

"Go away. I don't want you." she said weakly.

"Yes you do." I took her hand which twitched. Was that all the energy she had left? "Come on, you're coming with me." I supported her off the shelf and practically carried her down the corridor to my room. I lay her on the bed and watched her drift off to sleep, exhausted. Now I was just going to have to wait to explain. And boy did I have some explaining to do.

The End

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