I ran, because I couldn't bear to be there any longer. And i knew the weather was following my mood, because i couldn't help it. I turned a corner and ran straight in to someone, falling over in the process.

"I'm so sorry! Are you ok?" He asked leaning down to help me up. I didn't notice much  about him, only that he was a  Fire Fox Demon. I walked off without saying anything which would probably make me feel bad later, but right now I just couldn't care less. I continued down the corridor, ending up in the library. I climbed the shelf and sat where Orlando and I had first met. Orlando. I curled up and sobbed.

I couldn't believe he had done that to that poor girl. That poor girl. I felt my wings growing, wrapping around me like a cocoon. So this is how I was going to die, smothered with my own wings. Nice. I fought against them faintly, but really the pain in my chest was too big to fight. And then, I felt a hand on my wings, forcing them apart.

"You are not going to die!"

The End

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