I looked after Midnight as she turned the corner, I remembered the hug she had given me, I blushed and walked into my room. I couldn't stop thinking about Midnight, the way she blushed, the way she smiled, I shook my head. What was I thinking, I have the role of a Guardian and I couldn't let my feelings get in the way of my duty. I went over to the window and looked outside but I couldn't stop thinking about her, I pushed the thoughts away and instead looked over my timetable.

First thing tomorrow morning I had a lesson with a teacher called Mr.James. And so let all hell break loose. I thought to myself before I decided to have a tour around the school. I walked down the corridor taking note of all the class rooms. I passed a window and saw snow falling I carried on walking thinking about how it was odd that snow would fall this time of the year.

I turned another corner and bumped into someone making her fall over.
"I'm so sorry! Are you ok?" I asked leaning down to help her up. She had black hair and grey eyes, and was nearly as tall as me.

She didn't say anything just took my hand to get up and walked away, she looked like she had been crying and I was about to go after her when I thought to myself that it wasn't any of my buisness and I would just make it worse.

The End

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