I stepped out of the lake as snow was starting to fall, and used my power to brush all the water of my body and to keep the snow from falling on me [hey snow is just frozen water] . My tail shrank, and my two legs appeared. They were really ugly. For one, there was two of them, and to make matters worse they had five stumps on the end of both. Ew. 

I looked at my watch, and saw that I had time to go and sleep for a while before I had to go to class. I walked up to the steps and as I turned the corner, I banged into someone and fell to the floor. 

Looking up a saw a tall boy, around my age, getting up off the floor. He brushed the dust of his pants, and then looked at me pulling a face.

"Hey, maybe you should watch it." He said, nastily. So much for helping me up!

"You walked into me!" I snapped back. I quickly jumped up, and swished my long hair behind me. Really. Today was not my day. 

"No I did not,  you walked into me." 

Really, was this guy going to argue with me all day? I threw him a look, and glared back at him.

"Whatever. Lets agree to disagree. Are you going to get out of my way or what?" I asked him. I really wasn't in the mood for this. 

"Not really. Maybe next time you'll learn to watch where your going." 

We stared at each other, both refusing to move. This gave me time to look him over, and take in his appearance. His eyes were a golden colour, and were slightly slanted upwards at the corners. He looked very feline, and graceful with smooth pale skin and pointed ears. I had never seen anything like him. 

"What are you anyway?" I asked him. 

"An Elf, though why I should tell you I don't know. What are you?" He looked me up and down, and when he reached my eyes he seemed to stop and think. He really was quite beautiful. But annoying.

"A Mermaid of course." He smiled at me.

"The new girl. It seems we've got off on the wrong start." 

I was about to make a sarcastic comment, but he reached out his hand to me. Hey, I was new, what was the point in making grudges so early. I took it and smiled back.

"I'm Jasper by the way" he said.

I was about to introduce myself, but I was interrupted as Midnight came round the corner.

The End

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