he walkd away he was determind to be my gaurdian was it selfish of me to want a different realtionship with him the day here had just started I neede to talk to Mr james.

after changing into a clean uniform I headed down the corridor and Mazany was sitting agaisnt the wall I felt sorry for him.

"Hey Mazany I forgot do you want some help I bet you havent gone to reception to collect you things yet have you?" I said smiling down at him. He stood up facing me and bowed.

"Thank you very much milady" I blushed when he called me this and I grabbed his hand without thinking and dragged down the corrior. "so Mazany do you have  girlfriend at you last school" I looked at him and let go of his hand his touch felt different from anyones elses touch and it make me yearn to cuddle him.

"No I dont hey made of me because I was a fox" He looked at the floor he looked so sad Im guessing hes always been an ut cast. like me.

"Cheer up your not the only one single I mean I am too you never know you might get lucky" I said winking at him. But I didnt want him to have anyone I wanted to be with him and blushed and looked away.

as we went round the cornor in the reception he got his key, time table, map and . belongings and we headed for his room. as we got there he opened the door and turned to look at me.

"Thank you Milady" he said bowing I rolled my eyes and I cuddled him, he was shocked first but then accepted and hugged back. I had never felt so alive in some ones arms it was strange, yet it felt right.

 I pulled away from hum blushing "Now I think Im in some of yor lesson but I have things to take care of" I skipped down the corridor feeling his gave on my back until I was round the corner.

The End

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